The Rule of Grace

(my first foray into poetry–it burst upon me out of nowhere last night, so I figured I would share…)

Two beggars begged side by side.
One begged with cursed spite,
the other with all her pride.
One accepted all she could grasp,
the other taking only that seemed right.

Givers came and givers gone,
coarse and fair the beggars always were.
The latter beggar taking her fair share,
The first objecting to none.

Time goes as it does, and then one man came round.
A cheerful giver, with much to spare.
A glorious crown upon his hair that spoke all the same.
Offered he to the beggar fair, small wooden coin.
The proud beggar who took only right
chuckled some and noted to him,
“No need my dear sir,
I’ve done well this good day.”
The beggar coarse, she grasped the coin,
without word or trace of shame.
The man kneeled in cold earth,
took his crown
and henceforth
upon her head it lay.


A new blog!

(just what the web needs…)

Welcome friends to the new “cultivations” blog if you are following over from the site or from other places out in web space. I’ve added a few sermons back, mostly just from our sermon series on the Sermon on the Mount–which has been a joy to preach in many ways.

The posts are quite simple to navigate, I’m sure you’ll have no problem…there is a player for online listening or you can download from the blue link. Blessings…