Why God Fills Us, Part 2

August 26, 2012 — Good Shepherd UMC
  • Scripture from Isaiah 65:17-24 and James 1:17-18,27
  • God Fills Us for God’s Tomorrow

Why God Fills Us, Part 2


Why God Fills Us, Part 1

Coming back from vacation, my mind was not fully back into the routine, so the sermon from Aug 19 in our Spiritual Gifts series was not recorded. Here are the highlights though, and a read of the Exodus story and Ephesians 4 (especially the Message) say more than I ever could.

Why God Fills Us:

  • to Bring Us Out of Captivity
  • to Build Us Up, into Christlikeness
  • to Know His Truth, and Let Us Speak It in Love
  • to Connect Us to One Another through the Head, Jesus Christ

Like the waves of the ocean, God’s love, mercy, goodness–his filling–never stops.