The Power of Giving

Nov 24, 2013 — Good Shepherd UMCfirst
  • Concluding our Stewardship Campaign series
  • Scripture from 2 Corinthians 9:6-12
  • Our giving can change the world…

The Power of Giving


shiny gods

Nov 3, 2013 — Good Shepherd UMCfirst
  • Introducing our Stewardship Campaign
  • Scripture from Exodus 20:22-24
  • Technical difficulties with the recording
  • So, a brief outline…
An idol in anything/anyone that receives the primary focus of my energy/resources which first belong to God…If we are honest and open “What are the idols we struggle with in our lives?”
Issues: the shiny gods… 1) lead us away from God 2) keep us in debt 3) render us ineffective 4) get passed on to next generation
Need an alignment check on: 1) our Time…what do we really spend our time doing? and 2) our Money…where does our bank statement point to the shiny gods in our lives?
Putting God first in living & giving is getting free of the shiny gods because Jesus is at the center and He is the singular goal in our lives