A New Birth

Christ United Methodist Church, Bethel Park
May 20th, 2018 — Combined Worship

Pentecost! Confirmation! It’s a New Way, and we are celebrating A New Birth!

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Two Sermons from “A New Way” Series

Christ United Methodist Church, Bethel Park
Traditional Worship


“A New Together” is from April 8th on Acts 2:42-47. Does the early Church with its practices really sound all that wonderful?!?

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“A New Serve” is from April 22nd on Acts 6:1-7. What do baby teeth have to do with our call to care for others?

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The Isaacs in Our Lives

Christ United Methodist Church, Bethel Park
March 25th, 2018 — Traditional Worship

Closing our Lenten series A Quest Beyond Comfort: Abraham’s Journey of Preparation our scripture is from Genesis 22:1-14. It’s Palm Sunday! And we’re asking what the ‘Isaacs’ in our lives are. As we pick up palms to worship the Coming King we need to be able to turn over The Isaacs in Our Lives.

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Two Sermons from A Quest Beyond Comfort

Christ United Methodist Church, Bethel Park
Traditional  & Contemporary Worship


“A Journey of Preparation” is from February 18th on Abraham’s Call from Genesis 12.

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“Mark It This Way” is from March 18th on Signs of the Covenant from Genesis 17.

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